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Opinion 144 Vaccination of professionals working in the health and medico-social sectors: patient safety, professional responsibility and the social context

On 21 November 2022, the Minister for Health and Prevention referred the issue of compulsory vaccination for healthcare professionals and professionals working in the health and medico-social sectors to the CCNE. This term covers not only healthcare professionals (carers) but also other categories of professionals (cleaners, care assistants, administrative staff, catering staff, entertainers, reception staff, security staff, etc.) working in medico-social and healthcare establishments. The referral states that it would like "to know the opinion of the CCNE on the definition of criteria for justifying or not the introduction of compulsory vaccination, particularly with regard to the question of values, between individual freedom on the one hand and the collective benefit and general interest underlying the social contract brought about by vaccination on the other". With the Covid-19 context still present, the CCNE wished to broaden its thinking with a view to the future.

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