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Joint opinion Opinion no.141 CCNE & Opinion no.4 CNPEN : Medical diagnosis and artificial intelligence: Ethical issues

Digital technology, and in particular artificial intelligence in health, opens up major prospects for transforming our health system, with the potential to significantly improve the quality of diagnosis and care for patients. As artificial intelligence systems used for medical diagnosis (AI-MDS) gradually permeate the various fields of medical practice and transform the relationship between caregivers and patients, it is essential to create the conditions for trust. Indeed, medical diagnosis integrating these devices raises new ethical questions combining digital and medical aspects. They question the training of practitioners, the qualities of the SIADMs implemented, the digital intermediation involved in the doctor-patient relationship, the appropriation and informed consent of patients when using these new tools.

With their joint opinion on "Medical diagnosis and artificial intelligence: ethical issues", the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) and the National Steering Committee on Digital Ethics (CNPEN) are responding to a referral from the Prime Minister.


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