About Us

The organisation

Independent governance and college, flexible administration


  • A President, appointed for two years by the President of the Republic, but independent of any political pressure. A vice-president elected by his/her peers.


  • A college of 45 members, all volunteers, independent of the institutions that appointed them. Scientists from different disciplines, doctors, lawyers, philosophers, representatives of society and of different philosophical and religious families, they constitute the "Plenary Committee". It meets once a month.


  • A technical section of 12 members, from the plenary committee. This is the CCNE's regulatory body. It meets once a month.


  • Thematic or permanent working groups. The former prepare "opinions", while the latter are an observatory for emerging or evolving issues.


  • The CCNE is supported by an administrative service. A general secretariat ensures that the administrative services function properly and that relations are maintained with the administrative and financial authorities that support the CCNE in its work