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National Pilot Committee for Digital Ethics - Ethics Watch Bulletin No. 3


Ethics Watch Bulletin No. 3 : Ethical issues related to digital tools used in telemedicine and telecare in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right from the start of the lockdown period, there was a sharp rise in telemedicine and telecare procedures: in just three weeks, their number increased 100-fold, from 10,000 per week to almost one million in France.

This third Ethics Watch Bulletin of the French National Pilot Committee for Digital Ethics (CNPEN) highlights the merits and complexity of these new medical practices, discusses the issues raised by the combination of medical and digital requirements, and sets out seventeen "vigilance points" that enable these requirements to be taken into account.

Because the subject of telemedicine falls within both the digital and health fields, this bulletin was drafted by a working group involving members of the National Consultative Ethics Committee for Health and Life Sciences (CCNE) and the CNPEN.

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