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CCNE Publications

Date Type Title
Opinion 62 The medicalisation of sexuality : The case of Viagra Reply to the Secretary of State for Health
Opinion 61 Ethics and xenotransplantation
Opinion 60 Re-examination of the law on bioethics
Opinion 59 Report on ageing
Opinion 58 Informed consent of and information to persons accepting care or research procedures
Opinion 57 Technical progress, health and societal models : the ethical dimension of collective choices
Opinion 56 Ethical questions raised when a couple, in which the man is HIV-positive and the woman is HIV-negative, whish to bear a child
Opinion 55 Opinion on information to be given to patients regarding the possibility of transmission of the infective agent of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease by blood components
Opinion 54 Reply to the President of the French Republic on the subject of reproductive cloning
Opinion 53 Opinion on the establishment of collections of human embryo cells and their use for therapeutic or scientific purposes