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CCNE Publications

Date Type Title
Opinion 69 Medically assisted reproduction for couples presenting a risk of viral transmission - Reflections on responsibilities -
Opinion 68 Congenital handicaps and prejudice
Opinion 67 Opinion on the preliminary draft revision of the laws on bioethics
Opinion 66 CCNE's response to the President of the Sénat and to the President of the National Assembly regarding extension of the gestational age limit for elective abortion
Opinion 65 Ethical considerations regarding neonatal resuscitation
Opinion 64 Opinion on a preliminary draft law incorporating transposition into the Code of intellectual property of the Directive 98/44/CE of the European Parliament and Council, dated July 6, 1998, on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions.
Opinion 63 End of life, ending life, euthanasia
Opinion 62 The medicalisation of sexuality : The case of Viagra Reply to the Secretary of State for Health
Opinion 61 Ethics and xenotransplantation
Opinion 60 Re-examination of the law on bioethics