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CCNE Publications

Date Type Title
Opinion 82 Composite tissue allotransplantation (CTA) of the face (Full or partial facial transplant)
Opinion 81 Performance and health
Opinion 80 Guidance of workers to risk-bearing occupations - Role of occupational physicians and reflections on the ambiguity of the concept of aptitude
Opinion 79 Transposition into French law of the European Directive relating to clinical trials on medicinal products: a new ethical framework for human research
Opinion 78 Disparity in access to health care and participation in research on a global level - ethical issues
Opinion 77 Ethical issues raised by collections of biological material and associated information data : " biobanks", " biolibraries."
Opinion 76 Regarding the obligation to disclose genetic information of concern to the family in the event of medical necessity
Opinion 75 Ethical questions raised by the development of ICSI
Opinion 74 Umbilical cord blood banks for autologous use or for research
Opinion 73 Phase 1 trials in cancer