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This is the National Consultative Ethics Committee’s report on the public debate concerning the end-of-life, initiated over two years ago, when the President of the French Republic created the French Commission for Reflection on the End-of-Life in France, chaired by Didier Sicard, in July 2012.
This report in no way implies that reflection on the subject has run its course. It merely marks a milestone.
It’s object is to gain a better grasp of the main points of convergence which are apparently emerging at this stage of the debate on an essential and complex subject which is of concern to us all, and of the shared recommendations which are their outcome; to identify the principal points of divergence; to revisit issues which were either left unformulated or were incompletely addressed during the discussions; to throw more light on certain ethical issues underlying the major differences of opinion; and to propose perspectives which could contribute to the more in-depth study of the subject which CCNE considers to be desirable.

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