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By decision n° 375081 on February 14th 2014, the Conseil d’Etat, ruling on the dispute, invited the Academy of Medicine, the National Consultative Ethics Committee, the French Medical Council and Mr Jean Leonetti to submit “by the end of April 2014, general observations in writing providing constructive clarification on the subjects of ‘unreasonable obstinacy’ and ‘artificial life support’ as they relate to article L. 1110-5 of the Code of Public Health, and more specifically as they relate to persons in a minimally conscious state, such as Mr Lambert.”

The request was made for the purpose of examining the submissions, “in view of the magnitude and difficulty of the scientific, ethical and deontological issues in dispute.”

The National Consultative Ethics Committee’s general written observations are contained in this document.

CCNE’s observations were published in the July-August issue of the Revue française de droit administratif  (French Review of Administrative Law).