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CCNE Publications

Date Type Title
Opinion 128 The Ethical Issues of Ageing. What is the point of concentrating the elderly all together in “residential homes” ? What incentives for society to become more inclusive of its elderly population?
Opinion 127 CCNE’s Opinion n° 127 Migrants’ Health and Ethical imperatives
Opinion 126 CCNE Opinion on Societal Requests for Medically Assisted Reproduction (MAR)
Opinion 125 Biodiversity and Health: a New Relationship Between Humanity and the Living World?
Opinion 124 Ethical Reflection on Developments in Genetic Testing in Connection with Very High Throughput Human DNA Sequencing
Opinion 123 Ethical queries and observations concerning permanent deferral from blood donation for men disclosing sexual relations on one or more occasions with another man/other men
Opinion 122 The Use of Biomedical Techniques for “Neuroenhancement” in Healthy Individuals: Ethical Issues
Opinion 121 The End of Life, Personal Autonomy, the Will to Die.
Opinion 120 Ethical issues in connection with the development of foetal genetic testing on maternal blood.
Opinion 119 Ethical Issues Raised by the Marketing of HIV Self-Screening Test Kits.