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Contribution from the French National Consultative Ethics Committee to the Covid-19 crisis - Ethical issues in the face of a pandemic




Ethical issues in the face of a pandemic



Response to the request from the Minister for Health and Solidarity


This contribution of the CCNE is not exempt from the time constraints of its purpose: it was necessary both to recognize the urgency and respond to it, without undue haste, while allowing time for the ethical process. Given the very short time frame for drafting this text, the CCNE quickly set up a working group composed of Sophie Crozier and Jean-François Delfraissy, Pierre Delmas-Goyon, Pierre-Henri Duée, Claire Hédon and Frédéric Worms, Jean-Claude Desenclos (Scientific Director of Santé Publique France), and Marie-Christine Simon (CCNE Communications Director). The draft text was then discussed in the technical section of the CCNE, during the meeting of March 12, 2020, and was transmitted to all members of the Committee. Furthermore, four hearings were held on March 6 and 7, 2020 by the working group: Mélanie Heard (Doctor of Political Science), Emmanuel Hirsch (Professor of Medical Ethics, Paris-Saclay University), Grégory Emery (Advisor to the Minister of Solidarity and Health), and Christian Vigouroux (State Councilor).


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