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CNPEN The ethical issues of conversational agents


The National Pilot Committee for Digital Ethics (CNPEN) was established in December 2019 at the request of the Prime Minister. Composed of 27 members, this committee brings together digital specialists, philosophers, doctors, lawyers and members of civil society. One of the three referrals submitted by the Prime Minister to the CNPEN concerns the ethical issues of conversational agents, commonly known as chatbots, who communicate with the human user by voice or in writing. This work of the CNPEN is an extension of the work initiated by CERNA, the Allistene Alliance's Commission on Research Ethics in Digital Science and Technology.

This call aims to allow stakeholders and the public to express their views on the ethical issues related to chatbots. We seek the reader's opinion by asking questions. Each contributor is invited to answer either a few questions of his/her choice or all the questions asked. Contributors' comments will not be quoted by name in the future opinion.

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